OUR STORY – Hadari Online


The company started from humble beginnings based out of Hadari's small, but quaint apartment in Santa Monica, California. As her shipment requests began to steadily increase, her friend, roommate and now fellow co-worker Karli said, "we need an office." Hadari replied, "for what? I don't want to spend more money." However, one week later, following that brief conversation, the two of them ended up relocating to a small office and continued from there.

The new office was an improvement but due to the lack of space available, they had to take photos of each clothing piece by laying it out on the floor and snapping away. After 3 months passed, the little space remaining to maneuver within, was quickly gone. Inventory had taken over. Thus, it was time to pack up and relocate, again.

This space was much larger and contained great city views. Amid the scenery, the team focused on expanding the company. In time, they formed relationships with over 500 vendors and simultaneously, made sure the satisfaction of their clients was top priority. Before they knew it, Hadari and her team were conducting photoshoots with fashion models wearing their products.

The workplace became an even bigger mess and they soon got lost in all the chaos. So the team fixed the issue and here they are now. With an online store!