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Inspire and Empower by Hadari


Through this webinar, we want to introduce our Inspire and Empower vision and connect with others that will join our revolution.

Fashion is everything in this world, when you look good you have the ability to go out in the world and deliver your very best.

We use fashion to help women of all sizes, body types and backgrounds gain the confidence that for whatever reason has been lost. 

Join us Thursday June 9th 2016, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time for an introduction of our plan and our team. 

Our doors are open to everyone who relates to our mission and wants to be a part of our revolution.

Bloggers we encourage you to join, you have the power to influence and lead, use your tools to make a positive impact, in return you will gain free world wide publicity as this project has already been approved by one of the biggest universities in Los Angeles, CA. 

We are  well connected to many celebrities who have already joined our movement. 

Let's combine our power and sources to create an elite movement. We will all share the blessing.

August 2016 will be the result of something AMAZING! That we all will be a part of.

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